Comprehensive Lean Enterprise Course (Service & Manufacturing)


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Comprehensive Lean Enterprise (Service & Manufacturing)

A Lean Enterprise is an organization that has fully integrated Lean philosophy and techniques into its business model. Lean Manufacturing techniques were developed in the manufacturing sector but companies soon realized that all manufacturing pro-cesses are initiated by non-manufacturing activities.

Successful change is achieved by discovering new ways to effectively re-organize and align all of your business processes to increase throughput, reduce costs and improve quality. Lean Enterprise training would allow organizations to improve the productivity, efficiency, and quality of their products or services. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand Lean Philosophies, Lean Teams and Lean Tools for organizational improvements,
  • Discuss and deploy the Lean Strategy and Framework
  • Appreciate the Value Streams and mapping the current state of their plants,
  • Identify, prioritize and eliminate waste streams using relevant and effective Lean Tools,
  • Lead multiple projects and form Continuous Improvement teams,
  • Improve the overall efficiency, productivity and quality of their respective operations.


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