Introduction to Flow Manufacturing


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Introduction to Material Flow is an 8-lesson, introductory course. This is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about our Mixed Model Line Design methodology!

We’ve organized the Introduction to Flow Manufacturing curriculum into short, manageable lessons to improve your learning and retention. Lessons contain videos, images, case studies, recordings, downloads, quizzes, and a glossary of Lean terminology.

Introduction to Flow Manufacturing: Curriculum

Before getting started, take a moment to learn the structure of the course, and how to navigate the control screen.

Let’s take a look at a demonstration of why Flow Manufacturing is so powerful.

Learn about some of the history of Flow Manufacturing, and its origins over 400 years.

A well balanced flow line will bring a host of benefits. In this lesson we will address the most important ones.

It’s important to understand the differences between push, pull, and flow.

Following a Roadmap means moving in a specific direction to reach a predictable destination or outcome. In this case, the predictable outcome is a Flow Line capable of building a family of products in the most effective manner.

A material flow system is like a manufacturing line. It has to be designed and balanced to work properly.

Eliminating waste is a key tool for optimizing process flow.


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