Value Stream Mapping for Manufacturing (VSM)


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About Value Stream Mapping for Manufacturing (VSM)


Value Stream Mapping is a powerful visualization tool to see and understand the flow of material and information as a product or service makes its way through the value stream and to identify the non-value adding activities and waste present within the organization. The mapping process results in a detailed overview of the production or service  delivery flow and focus attention on Lean concepts and the application of Lean methods enabling targeted Kaizen activities. This 2 days Value Stream Mapping training course uses a blend of theory and classroom exercises.



During the Value Stream Mapping course delegates will develop an understanding of :-

  • Customer Value and the key elements and methods of Value Stream Mapping
  • How to define and analyse the Current State Value Map, material and information flows
  • The three stages to develop an ideal future state map
  • How to derive a Kaizen improvement plan


In this Value Stream Mapping training course, participants will learn how lean thinking has become a widely adopted improvement approach that can greatly simplify processes and improve performance. At the heart of Lean thinking is the focus on creating value for the customer and eliminating waste

The stream of activity within an organisation that creates customer value is called the value stream. Value Stream Mapping is the tool used to understand, analyse and improve a value stream. The focus of this course is to provide participants with the practical skills to use value stream mapping in a manufacturing organization.


  • Introduction to Lean and Peoples Issues
  • Process Mapping and SIPOC
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
  • Value add, Value enabling And Non-Value Adding Activities
  • Elements of A Value Stream Map
  • Material Flows and Information flows
  • Value Stream Metrics—VA & Lead Time
  • Current State Value Stream Map
  • Case Study 1— Classroom Exercise
  • Simulation Workshop : Assembling Water Spray Bottles (Current State)
  • Identifying—7 wastes—TIMWOOD
  • Understanding customer Value & TAKT Time
  • Flow Lines and Design for VA flow
  • Analysing Current State to Identify Waste
  • Developing an Ideal Future Value Stream Map :
    • Customer Demand
    • Continuous Flow—Celular Manufacturing
    • Load Levelling—Heijunka and Andon Boards
    • Yamazumi and Nagare Cells
    • Supermarket & Kanban Systems
    • FIFO Lanes
    • Kaizen Improvement & Implementation Plan
  • Case Study 2– Classroom Exercise
  • Stimulation Workshop—Assembling Water Spray Bottles ( Future State )
  • Lean A3 Reporting Structure for Management


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