Value Stream Mapping for Hospitals


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Value Stream Mapping is a widely accepted flow-charting method used to document all of the process steps required to deliver a product or a service to a customer. By documenting the “current state”, the way that the value stream performs today, a process improvement team can analyze the many opportunities to improve the work-flow and create a Master Plan for change. This online course covers all of the elements of a Value Stream Analysis project, including the development of the Current State VSM, the application of Lean Thinking and the creation of improvement ideas or “Kaizen Bursts”, the documenting of a time-phased Master Plan, and the drawing of a Future State Value Stream Map.

Value Stream Mapping in the OR: Curriculum

This introductory lesson will provide an overview of how Lean is applied in an OR environment, and set the stage for the lessons to come.

In Lesson 1, you will learn to identify the Customer as the person or group who receives the delivery of value.

In this lesson you will learn to identify Value as the physical or service item for which the customer is willing to exchange consideration.

In Lesson 3, you will learn to identify a Process as a grouping of work steps that lead to the delivery of Value to a Customer.

In this lesson you will learn to draw a graphical display of the relationship of processes as they are at the time of mapping.

In Lesson 5, you will learn to establish process times, either estimated or timed by a mapping team member.

In Lesson 6, you will learn to capture other relevant data elements like changeover times, batch sizes, downtime, number of shifts, and number of people.

In this lesson you will learn to spot every time the value is not being worked on. That non-value-adding time is a “delay.”

In Lesson 8, you will learn to answer the basic performance questions: How long does it take to deliver value? How much time is the value sitting waiting to be worked on? How many steps/feet do employees in the VS walk to deliver value?

In this lesson, you will learn to identify and document all the activities you found that do not add value to the value stream’s customer.

In Lesson 10, you will learn how to develop solutions as a team and by consensus. When in doubt, take a “Field Trip”.

In this lesson, you will learn that an idea is not a solution until we make a plan to implement it.

In Lesson 12, you will learn how to bring all the identified opportunities for improvement into one Master Plan.

In this lesson, you will learn to de-draw the VSM flowchart incorporating the identified improvements.

In Lesson 14, you will learn the basic elements of a Report-out presentation and roles during it.

In this lesson, we will discuss suggestions for next steps in your Lean journey after completing a Value Stream Analysis.


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